Moxxtails are consumables found in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. They are only available through purchase at Moxxi's Up Over Bar in Concordia.

Squill syrup

A Moxxtail item card.

Moxxtail timer

Timer displayed for the current Moxx-tail's effects.

The item cards for Moxx-tails are similar in layout to those of weapons and shields, with the addition of the text, "You look like you need a stiff drink." above the effect of the item. Below is flavor text and effect explanations. The manufacturer logo is a "Moxxi's" logo similar to the others found around the bar. The item icon is also unique.

Each Moxx-tail costs 10 moonstones (20 in True Vault Hunter Mode) and bestows a single unique effect which lasts for 30 minutes. Exiting the game, even saving and returning to the title screen, will result in the loss of the effect upon entering the game again. Only one may be active at a time; buying a new drink will remove the effects of the previous drink and reset the timer to 30 minutes.


Listed in order of appearance on the bar, left to right

Name Effect Flavor Text Appearance
Lemon Lime & Bullets Ammo Regeneration +0.1 Quenches thirsty weapons.
Gargle Blaster Gun Damage +10% The best drink in existence.
Fanalian Teddy Damage Resistance +20% Cures coughs and being shot.
Squill Syrup Health Regeneration +0.8% Part of a complete breakfast.
Penargilon Kangaroo Fire Rate +10%, Reload Speed +10%, Weapon Swap Speed +20% Engage your relocation drive.
Brick's Fist Melee Damage +30% Fit for your face.
Hot Gazpacho Elemental Effect Chance +20% Take it away and bring it back hot.
Replicated Kali-fal O2 Consumption Rate -33% Forcibly opens up the sinuses. Sadly, it's a fake.


  • The Gargle Blaster is a reference to the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio (and later book) series.
  • Penargilon Kangaroo is another Hitchhiker's reference, to the "Penargilon Kangaroo Relocation Drive engaged/arrival" sound effects from the first series of the BBC Radio show production (listed here)
  • Squill syrup is a reference to Star Trek's syrup of squill. The apparent origin of "squill syrup" as a joke or reference is the 1934 comedy It's a Gift.
  • Brick's Fist is a nod to Brick's preference for melee combat.
  • Hot Gazpacho is a reference to the sixth episode of the science fiction sitcom Red Dwarf.
  • Replicated Kali-fal is a reference to Star Trek's Kali-fal, and more particularly a scene involving a replicator-produced approximator of the drink in episode 6x19 of the Deep Space Nine series.
  • Fanalian Teddy is another DS9 reference, to Fanalian Toddy in episode 3x22, suggested by Dr Bashir as a cough cure.
  • Lemon Lime & Bullets is a reference to the real mixed drink Lemon, Lime & Bitters common in Australia and New Zealand.
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