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Motorhead features as the boss for the mission Little People, Big Experiments, given by Thirsty the Midget.


Sledge has been brought back to life and "improved" through unknown means by midget scientists. During the 'Little People, Big Experiments' mission, the Vault Hunters are forced to hunt down rumors about the now-renamed and very mad Motorhead, eventually killing him.



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  • Motorhead is known to drop the combat rifle The Chopper on rare occasions.
  • Motorhead is vulnerable to incendiary damage due to exposed flesh as well as corrosive damage due to his mechanization. These DoT effects can also be extremely useful, as Motorhead flinches often when taking damage.
  • Motorhead's health will regenerate if not kept under constant attack.
  • Motorhead respawns every 15 minutes, or upon exiting and reloading the game.
  • The turret head and the body are treated as separate targets by the game, so a Hunter with skill points invested in Bird of Prey can have Bloodwing attack Motorhead multiple times per use.
  • After The Secret Armory of General Knoxx is complete, Motorhead gives around 63,000 xp and nearly 80,000 xp per kill with a +25% team xp Leader COM, allowing for easy levelling of weapon proficiencies.
    • This experience increases significantly in Plathrough 2.5, making Motorhead a very effective boss to powerlevel, granted the player has an incendiary or corrosive weapon.


  • Motorhead is a reference to an English rock band Motörhead.