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Motor Momma is the cannibalistic second main boss in the Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage DLC.


Motor Momma is revealed to be one of Mad Moxxi's many lovers. Moxxi quickly called things off when she discovered that Motor Momma was a full blown cannibal, and more so, devoured one of Moxxi's previous female lovers. The event was so traumatic that Moxxi, a lover of violence, regretted making an eating innuendo immediately.


She appears during the Campaign of Carnage as prominent competitor on the leader board. To be specific, she was number 3 on the board. Killing her allows the Vault Hunters to gain one more step towards becoming champion in the campaign.



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  • In True Vault Hunter mode and Ultimate Vault Hunter mode, her name appears as "Mighty Motor Momma."


  • Motor Momma was intended to become a raid boss named Momma the Invincible. This plan was ultimately scrapped prior to the DLC's release, though limited resources relating to it remain in the game, particularly entries in the French and Japanese localization files.
  • Motor Momma dropped the Teeth of Terramorphous on day one of week four of the Borderlands 2 $100,000 Loot Hunt.