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Motion is Maya's first skill tree, of three. The Motion tree focuses on crowd control, defense-based skills and allowing her to brainwash enemies into fighting each other. Her other skill trees are Harmony and Cataclysm.


Tier 1[]

  • Ward - +5% Shield Capacity and -8% Shield Recharge Delay per level.
  • Accelerate - +3% Gun Damage and +4% Bullet Speed per level.

Tier 2[]

  • Suspension - Increases the duration of Phaselock by 0.5s per level.
  • Kinetic Reflection - Kill Skill. Killing an enemy causes you to deflect bullets against nearby enemies, reducing damage to you by 10% and dealing 20% damage per level for a short time.

Tier 3[]

  • Fleet - Your Movement Speed increases by 10% per level while your shields are depleted.
  • Inertia - Kill Skill. Killing an enemy regenerates 0.8% of your Shield per second and increases your Reload Speed by 10% per level for a short time.
  • Converge - Phaselock now has the ability to pull nearby enemies toward the original target.

Tier 4[]

  • Quicken - Increases the Cooldown Rate of your Phaselock's Ability by 6% per level.

Tier 5[]

  • Sub-Sequence - When an enemy dies under the effects of Phaselock, there is a chance for Phaselock to seek out and affect another target (20% chance per level).

Tier 6[]

  • Thoughtlock - Phaselock causes enemies to switch allegiance and fight amongst themselves. Additionally, Phaselock's duration and cooldown is increased (3s and 4s respectively).

Maya skills
Motion Harmony Cataclysm

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