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Mother of Grogans is a respawnable mini-boss encountered in Borderlands 3.


Mother of Grogans, or Mother of Grogans, The Uncorroded, Queen of the Sewer Kingdom by her full name, is a rare-spawn enemy. She and her three Grogans can be found in West of Gross area of The Anvil.



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  • Mother of Grogans and The Uncorroded are references to Daenerys Targaryen who formally styled herself, among other titles, as Mother of Dragons and the Unburnt.
  • West of Gross is a reference to Westeros.
  • Her three Grogans refer to Daenerys's three dragons: Dreg is Drogon, Rage is Rhaegal and Vice is Viserion.
  • Mother of Grogans has an increased chance to drop the legendary Creeping Death shotgun.