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Mortar is an optional mini-boss encountered during the story mission Toil and Trouble.


When the Vault Hunters attempt to ascend the Inferno Tower with the elevator, Mortar denies them access. To bait him and the elevator into coming down, Brick advises them to destroy Mortar's buzzard, the Boombringer. Enraged at the destruction of his prized vehicle, a vengeful Mortar rides the elevator down to confront the Vault Hunters.



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  • "Aww, look, everybody! It's a witty-bitty Slab tryin' ta use our elevator! GET 'EM!"
  • "Boombringer! NO! That's it, Slab – I'm comin' down there and YOU are find out what it's like to eat your own throat!" (If Vault Hunters simply destroy Boombringer)
  • "That Slab just blew up my buzzard without even lookin' at the explosion! But I – I ain't scared – I'm comin' down and YOU'RE GONNA DIE!" (If Vault Hunter destroy Boombringer without looking at it)
  • "I want that Slab's head in my digestive tract!"


  • Mortar has an increased chance to drop the Pandemic grenade mod.
  • Once Mortar is lured down during Toil and Trouble, he will become a respawnable mini-boss.


  • While killing Mortar is optional, Brick's mission dialogue implies his death is canon.