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Mordy's Secret Stashes is a challenge in Borderlands 2. The objective is to locate three supply stashes which Mordecai has hidden in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve.


All three stashes are located in the large south-eastern section of the preserve (near the Natural Selection Annex entry), with the long segment of highway.

  • The smallest stash is near the small Hyperion office which marks the western entrance to the area. A right turn after leaving the office leads around to a small niche where the highway meets the wall, and the stash is inside.
  • In the northern section of this area, there is a waterfall along the west wall. The stash is in a cave hidden by the cascade of water.
  • The third stash is harder to find as it is reached by the elevated road above the area. To reach it one must climb the rocks to get on top of the road, and then follow the road to the northern end. The stash is on a grassy ledge overlooking the area, and this is accessed by jumping to the giant toadstool and using that as a stepping stone to reach the ledge. The ledge can also be accessed, with a little difficulty, by jumping and climbing over the rock wall near the entrance to the Specimen Maintenance block.

The area is populated by a few skags, some rakk and a number of stalkers. These don't penetrate into the underground stashes, but the rakk can prove to be minor pests up on the road.



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