Moonscaper is an unique shotgun in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel manufactured by Torgue. It is a reward for buying the Tales from the Borderlands Season Pass and can be obtained from the Shift Vending Machine in Concordia.

Special Weapon Effects

Get off my moon lawn! – Fires 5 grenades in the shape of a square. If shot at the ground, they will slowly rise and then explode, but explode immediately when they touch an enemy. Increased reload speed and accuracy.

Usage & Description

Despite featuring High accuracy (normally around 90.0), its square shaped projectile spread makes it hard to hit enemies except at point blank range. The unique ability of delayed rising contact explosives is better used to set up a minefield on the ground in the path of enemies.


  • There may be an issue with the DLC included in the season pass installing, but the season pass itself showing as not installed, which seems to prevent the bonus items from being redeemed.

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