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Moon Zoomies are vehicle digistruct stations introduced on Elpis in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


The Moon Zoomy system is over seen by Janey Springs, a junk marketeer who lives in Concordia. It becomes functional across Elpis after recovering a Moon Zoomy Digistruct Key from Deadlift in Regolith Range.

The Moon Zoomy is first used to leave Regolith Range, as a gap must be cleared in a vehicle to be able to get back to Serenity's Waste.

Later on, and after uploading digistruct blueprints to console at the Shimmer Island, it is possible to digistruct and use Stingrays.


  • "G'day, mate -- need a new motor?"
  • "Moon Zoomy's the place for zoomy... moon... things!"
  • "Giant steps while walking on the moon are no match for a fast motor!"
  • "Moon Zoomy -- zoomiest vehicles on the moon!"
  • "Wanna go crater-hopping? Get yourself a Moon Zoomy vehicle!"
  • "Listen up, you ferals -- check out a Moon Zoomy!"
  • "You wanna zoom on the moon? This here's the place for ya!"
  • "G'day, mate! Got a Moon Zoomy right here waiting for ya!"
  • "Moon Zoomy? Glad you asked!"
  • "Get your Moon Zoomy! Moon not included."
  • "You'd have to be a real drongo to pass up a Moon Zoomy! Right here for ya!"
  • "On the moon and you wanna zoom? You know where you need to be!"
  • "Aww, yeah, mate -- you found a Moon Zoomy!"
  • "Need to get somewhere in a hurry? Get your Moon Zoomy on!"
  • "Only a bloody idiot would pass up a Moon Zoomy vehicle! Are you a bloody idiot? ARE YOU?!"
  • "Need some zoom on the moon? Too right, ya do!"
  • "This is Janey Springs, and I recommend Moon Zoomy for all your vehicle needs!"
  • "Moon Zoomy! Now with Mate's Rates!"
  • "G'day, cobber! Why not take a Moon Zoomy vehicle for a burl?"
  • "Moon Zoomy: 20% less explode-y than the next best... uhm... vehicle. Whatever that means."
  • "Get zooming!"
  • "Moon Zoomy: get zooming!"

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