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Monster Mash (Part 2) is the second part of the three part mission given by Dr. Zed.



Get creature parts for Dr. Zed.
  • Collect rakk parts: 0/4
  • Collect skag parts: 0/4
  • Return to Dr. Zed in Sanctuary


While this mission is active, rakk killed in any area have a chance to drop rakk parts. Once four of these have been collected, skags will begin to drop skag parts. After four skag parts are collected, the mission is ready to turn in.

An easy place to find rakk parts is the three horns divide fast travel point.


"Your know, one gets the feeling that Dr. Zed might not be running an entirely legitimate business."

Turn In: Dr. Zed


  • Not all skags drop parts for example Dunkio's mom And Armored skags do not seem to drop any.
  • Text on the mission items reads:
    • Rakk Part: A bloody wing from a rakk, still twitching. What does Zed want with this?
    • Skag Part: A bit of skag. Zed has a plan for it, doesn't he?

Mission Transcript[]

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