Monster Hunter is an optional mission in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage that becomes available on Crater Bounty Board after Battle: The Death Race is complete.


"Mr. Torgue has asked you to hunt down a vicious monster out in Southern Raceway."



  • Find monster
  • Kill the monster truck


The "Monster" in question is actually a Monster Truck, and can be found at the "Monster's Lair" area of Southern Raceway. The Monster Truck emerges from a garage in the sunken dirt track area, accompanied by some bikes.

The Monster Truck operates like a Bandit Technical Headhunter, with a gun in the front and a sawblade launcher turret, and also has a pair of marauders crouched in the flatbed. Because of the increased size of the Monster Truck, these two gunners are actually obscured and obstructed from firing on low angles, although they can still fire at targets on raised elevations. If the Monster Truck is engaged on foot, corrosive damage is the preferred damage option, but it should otherwise be engaged from another vehicle.


"One day, the denizens of Pandora will get over their childish obsession with puns.
Today is not that day."

Turn In: Badass Crater Bounty Board


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