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Mongol is a legendary rocket launcher manufactured by Vladof.

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Special Weapon Effects

Beware the Horde! – At regular intervals, rockets will release a smaller rocket at an angle to its flightpath. Consumes 3 rounds per shot.

Usage & Description

The Mongol is an excellent Rocket Launcher to use against a cluster of enemies or difficult to hit enemies. Due to the fact that explosions will not crit, most Rocket Launchers are inept at aiming for critical locations. The Mongol's thick spread, however, can be used to great effect on large enemies such as Crawmerax the Invincible and clusters of enemies. It is also noteworthy that the rockets launched from the main one will explode after a certain distance regardless of impact. Aside from an entertaining 'fireworks' effect when the shock version is fired off the map, the Mongol could be used to spam groups of enemies to death at long range, particularly when fired from an elevated position.


  • The spread will be in a horizontal line if firing East or West, but at random angles from the main rocket if firing in any other direction.
  • The longer the rocket is in flight the more rockets are released from the main rocket.


  • The term "Mongol Horde" is derived from military tactics used by the Mongol Empire.
  • The Mongol returns in Borderlands 2.


The Mongol effect comes from the barrel1_Vladof_Mongol barrel, which is based on barrel1_3shot. Most Mongols carry 9 rockets, but consume 3 ammo at a time, making it equivalent to barrel1_3shot in terms of shots before reload. However, a rare version can have 11 rockets in the magazine, allowing one more shot before reloading. Apart from the effect, the Mongol has no other notable stats change. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

barrel1_Vladof_Mongol barrel1_3shot
Damage: -20%
Clip Size: +7 (9 or 11)
Shot Cost: 3
Damage: -20%
Clip Size: +1 (3)
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