Money is Power is a tier 3 skill in Jack's Free Enterprise skill tree.

Picking up money grants Jack a stack of Money is Power. Jack deals increased damage with all gun types for every Money is Power stack he currently has. All stacks are lost upon dying or spending money (max of 999 stacks).


  • Gun Damage: +0.25% per stack
  • Max Stacks: 999


  • Much like Anarchy, Money is Power persists indefinitely and grants a damage boost so long as Jack stays alive. However, instead of decreasing accuracy per stack gained and being lost through prematurely reloading, Money is Power has no downsides and is only lost completely once Jack spends money such as through vending machines and lottery machines, including quest-specific ones such as the one in The Meriff's Office.
  • Buying items with Moonstones does not remove stacks, and selling items through vending machines does not grant stacks. Stacks are only gained through collecting actual money pickups.
  • It takes 400 stacks to gain double gun damage.


Jack has a chance of saying several lines upon picking up money:

  • Money is power!
  • Ohh! I just came into some money!
  • One percent, suckers!
  • Oh, it's good to be rich!

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