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Money Shot is a tier 3 skill in Salvador's Gun Lust skill tree. It grants the last round of any weapon's magazine a massive damage damage bonus, which scales down with the actual magazine size.


  • Maximum Bonus Damage: +96% per level. This is contrary to the listed description, which displays +80% per level.
Level 1 2 3 4 5
Max Damage Bonus (Listed) +80% +160% +240% +320% +400%
Max Damage Bonus (Effective) +96% +192% +288% +384% +480%
Level 6 7 8 9 10 11
Max Damage Bonus (Listed) +480% +560% +640% +720% +800% 880%
Max Damage Bonus (Effective) +576% +672% +768% +864% +960% +1056%

Can only leveled past 5 with Monk and Raider class mods.


  • The listed maximum damage is incorrect; it assumes a maximum of a 10 round magazine when the damage can actually scale up 2 more times, up to a 12-round magazine.
    • The damage increases by 8% for each round in a magazine, up to a maximum of 12. Any magazine size lower than 12 will receive less damage from the skill, down to a minimum of 2 rounds which will only gain 16% bonus damage on the last shot. Weapons that can only hold one round in their magazines cannot receive any damage bonuses, meaning the minimum 8% boost is impossible in normal gameplay.
  • If Inconceivable activates on the final shot from a magazine, the next shot still receives the damage bonus. This can happen multiple times in a row if Inconceivable occurs repeatedly, causing the damage to pile up rapidly.
  • Money Shot cannot boost weapons that fire rockets or special projectiles, such as E-Tech guns, rocket launchers and Torgue-barreled Assault Rifles (Grenadier/Cannon), even though the sound effect still plays. On weapons like Infinity and single-shot mag weapons that consume 1 ammo per shot, it does not even activate.
    • It can be somewhat forced on the Infinity with a glitch involving Gunzerking and a weapon that consumes multiple ammo per shot, but as it is still a single-shot weapon, it will not receive a bonus unless the Infinity is held in the left and the gun on the right hand has a larger magazine size (see below)
  • Weapons that deal bonus splash damage, such as some Torgue and Maliwan ones, will not receive any bonuses to their splash damage. Weapons that deliver most or all their damage in splash, such as the aforementioned Cannon and the Flakker, will hence never benefit from this skill.
  • For weapons that consume multiple ammo per shot, the entire last shot receives full benefits, while the magazine only registers the displayed ammo count, not the amount of shots it can effectively make. Since such weapons often feature extended magazines to match the amount of shots they fire with other guns, this effectively multiplies the effectiveness of Money Shot by that factor. This is most prominent among the likes of shotguns that use the Bandit/Torgue barrels such as Twister, Dog, Room Clener, Crowdsourcing Quad, Ravager, Development, Oberkil! and Shotgun Supreme!
  • While Gunzerking, Money Shot damage is only scaled on the magazine size of the right-hand weapon, regardless if said weapon can trigger Money Shot or not. With an empty gun that boasts a sufficiently large magazine, the off-hand weapon can receive a dramatic amount of additional damage

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