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Moloko is an E-tech sniper rifle manufactured by Vladof. Moloko is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description[]

Overall they fire extremely quickly, able to deplete the entire magazine in seconds, and bounce off surfaces and enemies they hit. For land based enemies, it is often appropriate to shoot at the floor and let the recoil raise the gun; the shots at the floor will bounce and hit the enemy. This is especially useful against shielded nomads. Since it fires fast, it acts more like a small magazine Assault Rifle. Zer0's B0re skill does not affect this weapon.

Moloko possesses a very high elemental effect chance, allowing best use by Gaige and Maya. Gaige can use it very well with either their Ordered Chaos tree or Little Big Trouble tree. Ordered Chaos makes use of the fact it has a high fire rate, superb accuracy, small magazine size, and impressive damage. Little Big Trouble uses a shock Moloko best, making all attributes of it far better.

Molokos, being E-tech weapons, suffer from a reduced critical hit damage modifier. Because of this they do roughly half the damage on a critical hit when compared to a same-level, same-brand purple-rarity sniper rifle, and using double the ammunition to do so. As such, they are simply suited for Elemental damage.


  • In keeping with Vladof's use of Nadsat in their naming conventions, the term "molokó", or молоко, is Russian for "milk". The term was anglicized to "moloko" in A Clockwork Orange, retaining its original meaning. It references "выстрел в молоко", Russian expression for missed shot, where "milk" means the white area outside a shooting target drawn on a paper sheet.
    • In Russian localization this name was changed to "kefir" (rus. кефир) to keep masculine gender in names and prefixes of items.