Models are much like many real weapons, for example, M16s and M15s, which are similar in behavior, but different than AKs despite both being Assault Rifles, the same is true for many models in Borderlands, each has attributes that distinguish themselves from the others, now the exact extent of this is still being tested, as the manufacturer might actually make the stats for each even more distinguished (in other words, model stats may vary depending on the manufacturer, stats that the manufacturer wouldn't normally affect).

Most gun classifications have five specific body types available, and these body types determine a few things: The gun's prefix, damage, rate of fire, and recoil. More testing needs to be done, but so far, testing has revealed the following:

  • Body Type 1 guns are more or less "middle of the road" performers. They don't excel anywhere, but they also usually don't have any major weaknesses, either.
  • Body Type 2 guns are second best at damage. However, they are also the second worst body type for rate of fire and recoil.
  • Body Type 3 guns are the worst at damage, but to compensate they have the second best fire rate and always the lowest amounts of recoil. They also grant the highest tech.
  • Body Type 4 guns are tied for the best at damage, but are the very worst in fire rate and recoil. They grant the second highest tech.
  • Body Type 5 guns are the best guns around - they are tied for highest damage with Body Type 4 and have the best fire rates and second best recoil. Understandably, these guns are also the rarest and least common of the five body types.
  • Body Type 6 guns are only found on Tediore and while according to files not technically a Body Type they must be noted for you will see them on any weapon with ammo regeneration, the actual affect on other stats are unknown, the stats are most likely lower than that you would find on Body Type 5 due to ammo regen being a huge benefit.

Some gun types (Rocket Launchers) do not use all five body types. Machine Pistols are ALWAYS Body Type 5.

Combat Rifles

  1. CR
  2. HVY
  3. TCH
  4. HLK
  5. AR
  6. GRD


  1. BLR
  2. RF
  3. TK
  4. HRD
  5. TMP
  6. PRO


  1. RV
  2. DL
  3. MAL
  4. KLR
  5. AX
  6. EQ

Rocket Launchers

  1. RPG
  2. This weapon does not use this body type.
  3. SPC
  4. This weapon does not use this body type.
  5. RWL


  1. SG
  2. SPR
  3. ZX
  4. BA
  5. ZPR
  6. DEF

Sniper Rifles

  1. GGN
  2. LB (Semi-automatic)
  3. VRR
  4. DVL
  5. PPZ (Semi Automatic)

Sub-Machine Guns

  1. TD
  2. KKA
  3. TEK
  4. RF
  5. HX
  6. SVS
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