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A mission is a task which yields rewards when completed, which can include Experience Points (XP), money, and other loot (some unique to mission rewards). Missions can be found all over the world of Pandora. There are 126 missions in the Borderlands. 46 of these are part of the main story of the game, while the other 80 missions are side missions that will not directly further progress through the storyline, although will provide enough experience and loot to assist with progress indirectly. With the added 4 DLCs there is a total of 216 missions. This is excluding "Talk to Tannis" and "Keep Your Insides Inside", two glitched missions cut from the game that are sometimes bugged to appear.

There are 109 missions in Borderlands 2, excluding DLC and the Geary mini mission.

The "Did It All" achievement/PS3 trophy pertains only to missions and side missions in the main story; this means that players may amass any number of (uncompleted) side missions in the DLCs without worrying that they will be forced to complete them all to receive the award.

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The following are the areas where missions are given, many of which lead to other areas. In each of these articles the missions are grouped by the source of the mission and include the actual location for each mission.


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