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Mini Steve is a Loot Midget enemy featured in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx.



Mini Steve appears in Lockdown Palace, just past the trapped Claptrap. There is a Red Chest in this area, Mini Steve pops out of it. He can also appear outside of Lockdown Palace, sometimes emerging from chests in the Sunken Sea, Road's End, or Deep Fathoms.

Mini Steve attacks with a SMG, combat rifle, or sniper rifle, which he will drop upon his death. He can be snagged behind his chest on occasion, but otherwise is simply a small Badass with a gun.


  • Mini Steve sounds like a normal bandit, but squeals a higher-pitched "Heyooo!" than big Steve does. However, upon dying, his death scream sounds like that of a normal-sized bandit.
  • Mini Steve is one of only three shielded enemies in Lockdown Palace.