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The Mines of Avarice is an area in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. It is a series of underground caves and tunnels located near the tower of the Handsome Sorcerer's.



Common Enemies[]

Notable Enemies[]

Points of Interest[]

Camp Dwarf Torture[]

In this place the orcs built a small village with simple tools designed for torture of dwarves.

Gilded Forge[]

Gilded Forge is an area where the magic forge used to forge a beard for Claptrap is located. In the central part of it, there is a magic cube which serves as a puzzle to collect one of the required rune letters. Once the puzzle has been solved, a gate blocking a room to the left will open revealing a dice chest and the Vault symbol.

Hall of Emancipation[]

It is stone dwarf locks. Here lives King Ragnar until a Vault Hunter punching him to death the first meeting results in.

Ingot Processing[]

There is a cube puzzle in the Ingot Processing area that is included in the mission Dwarven Allies. It can be solved first by activating all of the gears with crystals on them to lower the cube, then by observing the pattern of lights displayed and repeating them in reverse order. For example, if the cube is lit in the order of 254163, the response order should be 361452. Successfully completing the puzzle unlocks a gate to an area holding a discoverable vault symbol for the Cult of the Vault challenge.

Stonecrag Ridge[]

Stonecrag Ridge is located in the central-western part of the map and is where the seat of Claptrap the Wizard is. One fork leads to the Ingot Processing. There is one unassuming chest hidden in the far corner of the area.

Wizard's Crossing[]

Wizard's Crossing is located in the northwestern part of the map and where Claptrap the Wizard is first met. It consists of a long narrow bridge leading to a large room with runes puzzle wheels and exit to the Hatred's Shadow at the far end.



  • Cult of the Vault
    • The text for this challenge incorrectly states that there are only two Vault Symbols to be found in the area, when in fact there are three. The progress counter shows the correct number.
  • The Floor is Lava


  • The central part of the map can only be discovered after killing the Gold Golem in the eastern portion of the map. After its death, a gate leading from Ingot Processing to the Hall of Emancipation is opened. Going by this path will display the message "You have discovered Ingot Processing" again.
  • In the Ingot Processing area, there are several gates. In some cases, it is possible to kill all enemies beyond the gate, preventing it from being opened by them, impeding further progress as a result. Leaving the map or restarting the game will enable one to return and allow the dwarves to open the gates.