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Minerva is the third leader of the Omega Assassins sent to kill the Vault hunters in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx.



Minerva and the other assassins are fast-moving melee units primarily, and will charge straight into melee range if they can. When taking heavy fire she often dives into a sideways combat roll that can whip her out of the immediate line of fire and allow her to quickly resume her pursuit to her target. Using elemental attacks is a good strategy in order to ensure continual damage while they evade direct fire.

Skills that cause Daze can slow the assassins, making them much easier to target.

Minerva has a powerful but quick kick that can send opponents flying, even over the guardrail and off the base, so it is preferable to avoid fighting close to the edge.


  • When fighting assassins it is possible for them to fall into deep gullies and survive. Should this happen, they can be reset with a game restart.
  • Minerva will respawn if her entire squad (including her) aren't killed.
  • If Typhon has not been killed she will respawn in the same spot as Kyros.
  • She has a chance to drop DLC-specific class mods.


  • Minerva is the name of the Roman goddess of wisdom, known in ancient Greece as Athena. Athena also included war in her portfolio, making the name apt for a highly skilled fighter.
  • Minerva is differentiated from most of the other assassins in that she wears no face mask. Despite this, she still has an electronically distorted voice like the others.