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Minelayers are Sand Pirate units in Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty.



Minelayers move at a slow pace, making no effort to seek cover while they provide long range covering fire to their units. They wear full-body armor and are armed with a mortar launching sea mines. Mines fired from the mortar explode on contact or after a certain period of time. Additionally, they have sea mines attached with long chains to their hands. At medium to short range, they lash out with one of them to hook an opponent and reel them in. Once the Minelayer has pulled a target close, he then whips both sea mines around in a devastating flurry. This pull can cause momentary disorientation ahead of a strong series of melee strikes, and in some rare cases can also pull a Vault Hunter off precipitous elevations, and to their doom. It is therefore usually more prudent to outrun them and attack from long range, unless the terrain provides suitable cover to block the thrown sea mine at closer ranges. When killed, sea mines attached to Minelayers' hands detonate after a certain period of time.