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Minecart Mischief is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 given by Old Echo. It becomes available after Rising Action is complete.


"You found an ECHO explaining that all minerals must be pulverized by the rock crusher at the end of the mining track. If you can get the mineral chunk to the rock crusher, you'll be able to get at whatever goodies it holds."



  • Find minecart
  • Push minecart to crusher
  • Open door (x3)
  • Activate crusher
  • Wait for crusher results
  • Pick up raw Eridium: 0/5


Once located, the minecart can be pushed along the rail track simply by a character positioned behind it and walking into it. It will move at a sedate pace as long as someone continues to push it along, and rolls to a stop quickly when released.

Initial encounters occur when the cart is pushed through an area with several wandering crystalisks before progress is halted by an airlock door. The switch to this is to the left of the door from the side that the cart approaches. This leads to more pushing and later encounters with varkids. The door opening exercise needs to be completed two more times on the way to the crusher.

Once in the crusher room the mine cart is pushed off a low ledge onto a conveyor and a switch is thrown to activate the conveyor and a crusher. More varkids attack during the wait time, but eventually the machine spits out five pieces of raw Eridium that are then turned in to complete the mission.


"That chunk of rock never knew what hit it."

Turn In: Caustic Caverns


  • The airlock doors opened during this mission remain open permanently, easing any later navigation of the Caustic Caverns, as well as allowing a quick escape to the Fast Travel Station.
  • Mission card of Old Echo reads: A message from Dahl Mining Supervisor Amelia Harchek.
  • Item card of Raw Eridium reads: Valuable when assembled into a crystal.


  • The lines "I will say this only once" and "you will be shot" in Harchek's recording are likely to be references to the British sitcom "'Allo 'Allo!". The former bears a strong resemblance to Michelle Dubois' signature opening line – "Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once", while the latter is a threat that amounts to a running joke in the series due to its frequent use by various characters, including Michelle.

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