Mine, All Mine is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 given by Lilith. It becomes available after A Train to Catch is complete.



  • Kill bandit miners: 0/10
  • Kill Prospector Zeke
  • Kill Prospector using Slag
  • Pick up "The Deal"
  • Investigate Eridium Mine


The mission takes place at Mount Molehill Mine, where an ore extraction plant is being used to mine Eridium. There are various bandits in the area, including tunnel diggers that will disappear into the ground and resurface without warning. Ten miners need to be killed in order to complete the first objective, although there are more than just ten at the base of the mine.

Once ten miners have been dispatched, another objective to kill Prospector Zeke arises. He can be found on a higher level accessed via a pair of conveyor belts in the middle of Mount Molehill Mine. The rock crushers appear to be dangerous, but in fact the damage they deal is not particularly strong, and running through as quickly as possible will ensure their damage output is kept low - attempting to evade them is difficult and doesn't yield a significantly improved result.

Prospector Zeke is a tough nomad, yet an optional objective to kill him with Slag may help to hasten his demise. His shots are not especially powerful, but he also throws grenades, which in themselves can make him a dangerous opponent. An escape by dropping back to the base of the mine area is a viable tactic as he does not follow. When killed, he drops an ECHO detailing his past association with Hyperion.


"You discovered the bandit miners are selling their Eridium to Hyperion, presumably under the mistaken assumption that Hyperion won't eventually massacre the lot of them and take their money back. If anything, you just helped the miners skip the middle man."

Turn In: Tiny Tina


  • Mission Item: The Deal - "An ECHO detailing the Eridium supply deal between Hyperion and the Tundra Express bandits."
  • If Zeke is killed and the ECHO is not picked up, it will respawn on a barrel in the north end of the elevation the next time a game is launched. An objective marker still highlights the specific location, making the ECHO easy to find.
  • It is possible for 'The Deal' to be flung a great distance (possibly out of bounds), however waiting around 5 minutes will respawn the item on Prospector Zeke's corpse.

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