Mindfulness is a tier 3 passive skill in Amara's Brawl skill tree. This skill allows Amara to gain a stack of Mindfulness whenever she takes damage. Every stack of Mindfulness increases her movement speed and reduces her shield recharge delay. Stacks decay after a short time.


  • Shield Recharge Delay: average -7.7% per stack per rank
  • Movement Speed: +1.4% per stack per rank
  • Max Mindfulness Stacks: 25
  • Duration: 5 seconds

Rank 1 2 3
Shield Recharge Delay
(per stack)
-9.0% -17.0% -23.0%
Movement Speed
(per stack)
+1.4% +2.8% +4.2%


Amara skills
Brawl Mystical Assault Fist of the Elements
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