Mind Sweeper is a legendary class mod for Moze.

Special Effects

Brain blast! – Critical hits have a 25% chance to drop a micro grenade that explodes.


Affected Variable

The Mind Sweeper class mod will grant three random stat bonuses.

  • Brand-specific Weapon Fire Rate
  • Brand-specific weapon accuracy


  • Megaton Molly
  • Thermobaric
  • Kiloton

Skill Bonuses

Variants of the Mind Sweeper mod may grant the following bonuses:


  • The element and damage of the micro grenade are based on the weapon used. Iron Bear crits will also drop a micro grenade according to damage and element of the Iron Bear weapon.
  • While the skill Vampyr only states that "thrown grenades" will heal Moze, the micro grenades spawned by this mod will also provide healing.
  • Using the Mind Sweeper while in close-range combat can be dangerous as the micro grenade can damage Moze.
    • This becomes especially dangerous while playing through higher Mayhem Mode because the damage of the micro grenade will increase with more powerful gear, but the character's total health will remain the same.


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