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The Mimic is a shape shifting enemy in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep, and takes the guise of an unassuming chest. While undisturbed, the Mimic is visually indistinguishable from a common weapon chest, but when opened it will suddenly drop its disguise and reveal itself as a grotesque mollusc-like predator with a snapping fanged maw. It uses its teeth as a primary weapon while its two humanoid arms are used to quickly hop forward. This clever disguise, along with the false sense of security often felt while looting objects in an enemy-cleared area, can make the Mimic a very unexpected foe.



When a mimic drops its disguise, it surges forward, snapping at the closest foe. Ordinarily it tries to chase and chomp its prey, but is not a particularly fast creature, and sometimes stops to spit a volatile gob of spittle or to lash out with its long forked tongue. Its main advantage lies simply in the element of surprise.

Prior to opening a chest, Vault Hunters are well-advised to prepare for the possibility of it actually being a mimic. Those who open these chests also have a brief period in which to back away before the chest opens to reveal itself as a ravenous beast or an innocuous chest. It may also be beneficial to search other smaller chests nearby for health or ammo before opening these large chests first.



The Mimic looks exactly like a common loot chest before being opened.

  • Mimics usually drop a blue item and a green item as well as cash, Eridium, and ammo.
  • As long as it is non-hostile and remains in its chest disguise, it cannot be damaged, similar to a normal chest. An exception to this is if the Mimic has returned to chest form after being targeted by Maya's Thoughtlock (and there is no other enemy around). In this case, the Mimic's critical spot (its green eye) can be shot, forcing the chest open and vulnerable to further damage.
  • A massive Mimic can be seen fighting a similarly gargantuan Golem after defeating the Ancient Dragons of Destruction in the treasure room area. After witnessing the battle, three D20 chests will appear on the balcony.
  • In True Vault Hunter Mode they are renamed Greater Mimic, and in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode they are renamed Killer Mimic.