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A secret Maliwan facility built for developing and testing new weapon platforms.
— In-game description

Midnight's Cairn is a classified Maliwan weapons facility, located on an unknown planet close to the center of the galaxy.


Midnight's Cairn is a top-secret Maliwan blacksite developing powerful new war machines for the company's arsenal. Following the defeat of Maliwan's invasion force at Promethea, Lorelei believes they might regroup and try to attack Atlas again. She contacts the Vault Hunters, asking them to take the fight to Maliwan by raiding Midnight's Cairn and destroying their new robots to prevent them from being deployed.


Common Enemies

Notable Enemies


Points of Interest

Secure Airlock

Approaching Midnight

Blacksite Perimeter

Facility Staging Zone Gamma

Tritanium Receiving Dock

Nest of the Valkyries

Katagawa's Reach

Prototype Transport Bridge

Katagawa Research

Mechanized Warfare Development Labs

Ragnarok Command

The Godsgallows


  • The view of Midnight's Cairn seen from the bridge of Sanctuary III appears to be reusing the model of Promethea, but with the perspective moved to show the planet's night side.
  • Title given by the game is "Maliwan Blacksite".