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Midgetville is an extensive midget settlement at the northeast side of the Sunken Sea, under the bridge. It consists of numerous multi-level raised structures connected by crude catwalks in the upper levels and various huts and skag dens on the ground.


The midget inhabitants are roughly divided into two subsets. The stand-alone units dominate the structures and upper catwalks, while the skag-riding cavalry are only found on the ground below.


  • This area may be difficult because of the high number of midgets attacking at once, and their frequent use of dynamite.
  • There is a building raised on stilts at the south end of Midgetville that hides a Crimson Lance Chest. It can be accessed by leaping out onto it from nearby structures above.
  • There are 2 red chests in this area. one on a roof midway up the complex on the east side. one just below the highway on a raised platform on the south side. both are in plain view. Also on the north side is a white chest in plain view on the catwalk, and another white chest is sitting next to the new u station at the top of the complex


  • A sign on The Ridgeway indicates the direction to Midgetville.