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Midget Skeletons are enemies encountered in the Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. They are small skeletons that are armed with a small sword.



Midget Skeletons are most often encountered as part of an ambush. Due to their small stature they are frequently hidden in crates, or come crawling out of dark crevices. When they attack, they scuttle to their target with swords drawn and deliver slashing blows in close quarters. Midget Skeletons also possess moderate ranged attacks, the first being a rarely seen leap attack, and the other a sword throw.

Midget skeletons have low health and low damage output, making them one of the weaker adversaries found in the skeleton ranks. Their heads are also quite large, and present a convenient critical hit target. Their skull will sustain damage up to half the skeleton's health before being blasted away, and once decapitated the Midget Skeleton will continue to fight until destroyed. Like most skeletons, they are resistant to incendiary attacks.


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