Midget Goliaths are Midget variant of Goliaths in Borderlands 2.



Save for their size, in combat Midget Goliaths behave exactly the same as their larger cousins, and should be dealt with accordingly. They typically wield only pistols.


Similar dialogue to a regular and raged Goliath but speaking 2x faster


  • The names of the Midget Goliaths differ depending on their level of progression:
    • Lv.1 - Midget Goliath
    • Lv.2 - Raging Midget Goliath
    • Lv.3 - Badass Midget Goliath
    • Lv.4 - Super Badass Midget Goliath
    • Lv.5 - Ultimate Badass Midget Goliath
    • Lv.6 - Giant Midget of Death

A midget Goliath is nearly as deadly as a regular Goliath but has lower health.

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