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Middle of Nowhere is a Fast Travel outpost, located in the The Rust Commons East half way between the north and south gates to The Rust Commons West.


The Middle of Nowhere was once a popular fuel depot on the road from Old Haven to Fyrestone. In more prosperous times it survived on the strength of frequent road traffic passing on the Rust Commons' North Drawbridge and river access directly to the south. When the convict labour running the mining operations on Pandora took over areas beyond the river, the choke hold on traffic had a dramatic impact on the Middle of Nowhere, turning it from a viable way station into a largely abandoned outpost.


The Middle of Nowhere may be almost devoid of life, however thanks to the attentions of its custodian most of the facilities are still functional. Only the Middle Of Nowhere Bounty Board has fallen into disrepair and this soon changes once adventurers come through the area and need an outpost to base new operations from. Once the broken bounty board is restored, the Middle of Nowhere's central location provides a convenient hub for players to complete the missions throughout Rust Commons East.

There are a number of amenities here:




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