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Middle Of Nowhere No More: Fuses? Really? is the second of several optional missions in Borderlands to find and repair a Bounty Board in Middle of Nowhere. This mission given by Hudson Johns.


"The bounty board is missing a fuse, of all things. Who uses fuses these days, anyhow? That's the problem, really. They're hard to come by, seeing as most people have thrown 'em all out. Not like Marcus sells 'em; can't kill anyone with one. Even if you find one, it probably won't work. If you find three, there ought to be one in the bunch that will work. I'd sure appreciate it if you could find some and bring 'em to me."



Collect fuses and return to Hudson Johns.
  • Bounty Board Fuses: 0/3


Take an Outrunner to the north of Rust Commons East. The waypoint is in the middle of a small junkyard and marks the general area in which the search for fuses must take place. The fuses themselves are in several of the waste piles scattered around the junkyard.

Various Scythids will periodically attack while the search for fuses progresses.


"Nice going. These aren't easy to find. I'll have a look and see if any of them are still good."

Nearby Missions[]


  • The item card for the Bounty Board Fuse states: Twentieth century technology, today!