Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board is located at the Outpost: Middle of Nowhere in Rust Commons East.


Once the player gains access to Rust Commons East area a mission to repair the Bounty Board can be accepted from Helena Pierce. This involves meeting with the Middle of Nowhere's resident hermit, Hudson Johns, and assisting him in finding fuses for the bounty board.

There are three missions the player must complete in order to access the bounty board.

  1. Middle Of Nowhere No More: Investigate
  2. Middle Of Nowhere No More: Fuses? Really?
  3. Middle Of Nowhere No More: Small Favor

The final mission just lets Helena Pierce know that it is fixed.

Side Missions

Once the bounty board is operational again it can be accessed to gain a number of missions in the Rust Commons East and the surrounding areas.

Name Location Level Reward
Altar Ego: Burning Heresy Rust Commons East 24 6240XP, $7589
Altar Ego: The New Religion Rust Commons East 27 6240XP, $7589
Altar Ego: Godless Monsters Rust Commons East 29 8369XP, $20062, The Dove
A Bug Problem Rust Commons East 27 6960XP, $21324, Shotgun
Hidden Journal: Rust Commons East Rust Commons East 26 6720XP, $28560
Scavenger: Shotgun Rust Commons East 24 3588XP, Shotgun
Scavenger: Machine Gun The Salt Flats 30 4416XP, Machine Gun
Circle Of Slaughter: Meat and Greet Rust Commons West 26 1008XP
Bait And Switch Trash Coast 27 6960XP, $5331, Patton
House Hunting Trash Coast 27 6960XP, $15993, Nailer
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