Michael Mamaril

Michael Mamaril is an NPC in Sanctuary. He is noted for giving out blue or higher level loot as well as being part of the Tribute to A Vault Hunter achievement. He is also known for sometimes dropping E-Guns.


  • The NPC shares his name with a Borderlands fan that passed away in October 2011. Michael's friend, Carlo, sent Gearbox an email requesting that a short eulogy be read by Claptrap in order to honor his late friend's memory. Gearbox also promised to include Michael in Borderlands 2 as a tribute to the late Borderlands fan.
  • His ratio appears to be:
95% Blue
4.5% Purple
0.5% Orange
This is based on a test of 500 trials performed by user Dark_Force9999 on the original Gearbox Forums here


  • In the unpatched console versions, Michael has a 100% spawn chance before Sanctuary is relocated, after which point his spawn rates returns to the default 10%. In the PC version, he always has the normal 10% spawn chance.
  • It seems that when you first talk to him, he will give you a gun that is based on your level. If you level up and talk to him again after saving and quitting, he will still only give you a gun based off of the level you were when you first talked to him.


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