• "This planet smells like vomit and gasoline. (Deep breath.) I love it."
  • "Gotta get back out there soon. There are skags that need shooting."
  • "(humming a song that sounds dissimilar enough from "ain't no rest for the wicked" to not get us sued) something something wicked…something something free…"
  • "So this is Sanctuary, huh? Nice. It's no Fyrestone, but…nice."
  • "Just finished hunting down Crawmerax Prime. Whew -- what a rush."
No Gun
  • "Sorry, don't have any more stuff for you right now."
  • "Sorry, that's all I got for now. Oh, but while you're here -- has, uh, Moxxi said anything about me?"
  • "Sory, I got no more loot on me -- if you see me again later, though, I might have somethin' for ya."
  • "If ya see me in town later, hit me up. I might have something else for ya."
  • "I'll be back around Sanctuary later -- I might have something good for ya then."
Give Gun
  • "Always good to meet another Vault Hunter. Hey -- think you could use this?"
  • "Another Vault Hunter -- cool! Hey, I don't need this anymore -- do you want it?"
  • "Howyadoin', fellow vault hunter? Oh -- I found somethin' you might want."
  • "Heya, vault hunter! I found this when I was out in the borderlands -- you want it?"
  • "I found this out in the wastes -- thought a fellow vault hunter could get some use out of it."
Gun Taken
  • "Hope it helps."
  • "That'll bust some heads."
  • "Have fun with that."
  • "Enjoy!"
  • "That got me out of some rough spots before."
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