Meteor Shower is a Seraph MIRV Grenade manufactured by Torgue. The Meteor Shower can only be obtained from trading with the Seraph Vendor in the Badass Crater of Badassitude.

Special Effects

Not just for wishing on! – Increased damage and number of child grenades. Lobs child grenades in a high arc. When child grenades explode, each releases one additional child grenade in a similarly high arc.

Usage and Description

The Meteor Shower is a highly destructive grenade mod. Its multiple series of child grenades allows it to spread explosive destruction over a very large radius, possibly destroying entire mobs of foes with one grenade. In enclosed spaces the Meteor Shower can cause phenomenal amounts of damage within a very small area, instantly shredding nearly anything.

The Meteor Shower is a more powerful version of its legendary counterpart the Bonus Package, offering the same general effect. With same level and components the Meteor Shower's have higher base damage per grenade and also spawn a higher number of child grenades. The lowest number of initial child grenades is 10, while the higher is 12. This contrasts with the 8-10 range of the Bonus Package. This makes the Meteor Shower superior on the basis of raw damage.

Also of note is the dispersal pattern on the Meteor Shower. While the Bonus Package launches grenades in a standard MIRV distribution, the Meteor Shower launches each of its child grenades in a noticeably higher arc. Though the horizontal distance the child grenades travel is the similar (on average) between the two grenade mods, the higher vertical vector means the Meteor Shower takes longer to fully detonate and is capable of launching its child grenades over larger obstacles, but also takes a slightly longer time to fully deploy and may deploy all the child grenades in smaller areas, focusing the damage.


  • The Meteor Shower is compatible with all types of deliver mechanism.


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