Messy Breakup is a legendary shield in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Anshin. It is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from Rax located in Meridian Outskirts on Promethea.

Special Effects

It's complicated. – Spawns a small drone that fires at enemies. Spawns an additional drone when depleted. 15% chance to reflect projectiles while shielded.

Usage & Description

Messy Breakup is a shield mixing defensive capability with some limited offensive application thanks to its bullet deflection percentage.


  • The shield has synergy with Moze's Redistribution skill as shots from the drone can trigger the skill.
  • The fire rate of both drones drastically increases when the shield is depleted.
  • The shield does not need to be fully recharged to spawn more drones. As long as the shield breaks, a drone will always spawn.
  • The shield can make capturing enemy vehicles difficult as the drone will continue shooting after the vehicle's occupants have been disabled, potentially destroying the vehicle.


  • Combat:
    • I love it when we kill together!
    • Nice try, cutie idiots!
    • You're so good at this!
    • I'm having so much fun!
    • Oh yeah! Keep murdering, I'm almost there!
    • You're so good at that!
    • Mmm! You're the best, cutie!
    • You kill so good!
  • Shield Depletion:
    • Really?!
    • You're ruining everything!
    • You always bust too early!
    • What a mess!
  • Idle:
    • Think of all the places we could be! And all the people we could kill there!
    • You're so much better than Balex. He never wanted to just go out and murder people!
    • I'm bored. Let's go out and kill some people!
    • Did you forget where you're going again? Oh, my little cutie idiot!
    • If something happened to me, would you get another shield? WHO IS SHE?!?!
    • Let's spice things up a little! Like, what if we beat someone to death with his own pelvis! That sounds like fun!
    • Don't forget; we have couples brunch with Tannis and that ham radio. You need to wear that shirt I got you.
    • I've been reading your echo messages... WHO'S THIS CLAPTRAP SLUT?!?!
    • Did you know they make rosés for AIs? I've had like, a quart today.
    • Who needs adventure? Let's stay in tonight! I have all 82 seasons of Bloodstarved to Live!


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