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Message In A Bottle is an optional mission in Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty.



  • Find the Treasure
  • Open chest


The mission is obtained by interacting with a bottle located in a palm tree overhanging a cliff when first entering Wurmwater from Oasis.

The mission objective can be found west of a pirate encampment named Hegeland Camp east of where the bottle is located (see image). The camp is only sparsely populated by pirates, but they should be cleared while passing through to the objective area. After traversing through the camp, Vault Hunters will find an open area with a sign warning of sand worms, but the worms do not spawn immediately. In True Vault Hunter Mode, these worms are formidable; when the worms die they release a very deadly poison pool that does corrosive damage. Too many of these pools will quickly strip shields and reduce health to critical levels, if not outright kill.

The objective's location is a large, black "X" painted on the ground in the southwestern part of the worm area and can be easily overlooked, especially at night. Because of this, it's best to look for it after clearing the sand worms. Looking at the ground can also help in finding it at night. Once the "X" is located, interacting with it completes the mission.


"You found the treasure!"

Turn In: Wurmwater Treasure Chest


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  • While the bottle's location is meant to be reached by the elevator, it can be reached by climbing the rocks next to the elevator, jumping up a small ledge, hugging the wall and passing behind the small waterfall.