Merger is a tier 4 skill in Jack's Free Enterprise skill tree.
It replaces the standard melee attack with an alternate, long-range shock attack.

Special Skill Text

"Couldn't you have opened with that?"


  • Cooldown: 20 seconds

Infinite laser bug

  • There exists a bug which lets you perform the laser attack for an indefinite amount of time while also being able to perform other actions like using weapons, throwing grenades, and even entering shop/inventory menus and driving vehicles. To perform it, you need to activate your lasers and right as the arm-rising animation is about to finish, activate your Action Skill before the laser itself appears. It requires some timing, but if performed right the lasers will appear but the arm animation will be cancelled, and the lasers will not stop firing until the laser attack animation is performed again by meleeing when the cooldown is over.
  • This video details how to perform the bug properly.


  • The lasers can cause Critical hits. This couples well with the fact that the attack has perfect accuracy and no recoil.
    • If one freezes an enemy then immediately activates Merger it can be unloaded for its entire duration before the enemy breaks free again, making the combo especially powerful against enemies with crit spots as being frozen doubles critical damage received.
  • Although it is technically a melee attack, it does not receive melee-related damage buffs like that of Roid shields, class mods and such.
  • The damage output of this attack is so high in such a short timeframe that even on Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode it can deal significant damage to Badasses, taking down their shields entirely and a chunk of their health if all hits connect.
  • The attack cannot be interrupted by melee attacking again, switching weapons or throwing a grenade. It can however be ended early by opening and closing a menu.
  • The lasers will make bullet holes which can be shown by dragging them across any surface.
  • If the lasers score a critical hit while Jack is holding Excalibastard, the target will be frozen as though it were shot with Excalibastard.
  • This skill adds a pair of shock lasers to your forearms identical in appearance to the ones worn by Handsome Jack.
  • Don't confuse the lasers with those of Handsome Jack himself or of Digi-Jacks. They are identical in appearance but yours will fire a beam similar to Beam weapons but with perfect accuracy and no recoil.


  • The red text, "Couldn't you have opened with that?", is likely a reference to Colonel James Rhodes' line, "Wow. I think you should lead with that next time." from the movie Iron Man 2 in response to Stark firing lasers from his wrists in a very similar manner to Merger.

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