Mendel's Multivitamin Shield is a unique shield in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Hyperion. It is obtained from the mission Holy Spirits located in Athenas, by completing the optional objective.

Special Effects

Give it to me straight. – Grants 20% shock resistance. Increases maximum health by 50%. Gives 5% max health regeneration per second when fully charged.

Usage & Description

Mendel's Multivitamin Shield is excellent for builds revolving around health play due to its hefty max health boost. It can also grant a source of healing for characters without health skills, or further increase health regeneration for characters specced into health regen. Its shock resistance also gives the shield some respectable endurance against shock, further increasing its utility.


  • Mendel's Multivitamin has fixed parts.
  • The passive effects of the shield remain the same at any level; this means that a level 20 variant can be effective for dozens of levels afterwards.


  • The flavor text is a reference to a song with the same title from the album In Passing 001 by Gus Dapperton.
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