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Meet 'Crazy' Earl is a story mission in Borderlands given by Crazy Earl to meet with him.


"Have you met the bearded turtle yet? Crazy Earl? He hides from me, in his Scrapyard to the south. Any time I want to see him, I have to blow a hole in his junk pile. Anyway, he has a piece of the Vault key, along with most of my underwear. The details of that transaction are unimportant, just get that artifact back."



Go to the Scrapyard and blow up an entrance to meet Crazy Earl.
  • Path cleared


This mission is a filler to meet Crazy Earl. His home is a short distance from the entrance into Crazy Earl's Scrapyard, and is guarded by a few minor skags. A flashing green door blocks the way, yet this can be quickly removed by shooting the container inside the doorway to destroy it. The mission can then be completed by speaking to Crazy Earl, himself hidden behind the reinforced door of his home.


"Oh, so now that Tannis bitch wants that alien hunk o' junk, eh? And you're her little helper? Bah! And they call ME 'crazy'! What have you done for me, besides blow a hole in my back fence?! Tell me that!"

Nearby Missions[]


  • It is possible to get through the blocked door just by shooting it with certain weapons, but the mission can't be completed in this case. Returning to blow up the fuel tanks will complete the objective and allow the mission to proceed.