Dr. Zed: If I'm gonna treat people shot by E-tech, I'm gonna need way more wounds to practice on. Now that you've got Doc Mercy's E-tech gun, why don'tcha test it out on the local bandits?

(Vault Hunter shoots at and kills some bandits.)

Dr. Zed: So, it looks like that gun uses Eridium tech to turn bullets inta...stuff that ain't bullets. Energy, and stuff. God damn, Eridium is weird.

(As the Vault Hunter is being busy killing local bandits...)

Dr. Zed: I been doin' some research, and it looks like there's all types of E-tech guns out there for you to find: blaster rifles, plasma cannons, railguns... Sounds dangerously awesome.

Dr. Zed: Judgin' from this news ECHO I took off one of my patients, it looks like all the weapon manufacturers licensed E-tech from Hyperion for their experimental guns. Guess that explains how Hyperion got so rich off that Eridium after the Vault opened.

(Vault Hunter kills 25 bandits...)

Dr. Zed: Alright, after watching you blast those bandits with that E-tech gun, I've come to a medically sound conclusion: E-tech is friggin' dope. Come on back to me whenever you're done out there.

(Vault Hunter returns to Sanctuary and turns in the mission to Dr. Zed.)

Dr. Zed: Oh, right, I was supposed to be studyin' the effects of these E-tech guns on bandits. Right now, it looks like, uh...looks like if you shoot 'em a lot, they die. Did I mention I don't have a medical license?

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