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Medical Mystery is an optional mission in Borderlands 2, given by Dr. Zed after Do No Harm is completed. The objective of the mission is to investigate a mysterious weapon that causes strange wounds.


"What can create a bullet hole... but isn't a bullet?"



  • Head to Dr. Mercy's lair
  • Find mysterious weapon
  • Kill Dr. Mercy
  • Search Dr. Mercy


The mission is obtained from Dr. Zed, in Sanctuary. The objective is to find Doc Mercy in Shock Fossil Cavern, and kill him to find out the truth about his mysterious weapon and the wounds it has caused to his patients. The cavern is essentially a tunnel running right through a hill and is lightly populated with bandits. At a junction in the middle is a third path leading up some stairs and Doc Mercy can be found concealed at the top.

Doc Mercy operates as a shielded nomad, but with an E-tech weapon. He is slow-moving enough to avoid, but his weapon can be dangerous to lower-level characters. He can be lured out of the cave where a vehicle can be used to run him over if he proves too difficult to kill. When his health is low enough, he will throw homing transfusion grenades at the Vault Hunter.


"You had one of your first brushes with E-tech. Things got pretty messy."

Turn In: Dr. Mercy


  • Sometimes Doc Mercy's body will not be searchable after killing him. If this happens, leaving the zone and re-entering should allow the E-tech gun to be taken.
  • Doc Mercy always wears a powerful nova shield, with varying elemental damage, as a deterrent against melee attacks. However, this is easily countered by using grenades to deplete his shield, then getting close to him.

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