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Med Troopers are enemies encountered in Borderlands 3. As their name implies, they serve as combat medics for Maliwan's military forces. One can be found in the intro to Skywell-27, but rarely make an appearance in game.



Med Troopers share a similar health pool and armament to that of Assault Trooper and Flash Troopers while sharing their combat tactics as well. What makes the Med Trooper special, however, is their ability to heal any injured unit via their apparatus on their chest.

Much like Flash Troopers and Breach Troopers, their backpack also counts as a critical spot. However, unlike the aforementioned units, the Med Troopers backpack simply releases a small explosion that only kills the Trooper rather than sending them careening towards doom.


  • Although rarely encountered on the field, players are more likely to find them aboard the Slaughterstar 3000 and Proving Grounds.
    • Players are also more likely to encounter the dark variant on Nekrotafeyo and the Slaughterstar 3000, basically mirroring every characteristic of the basic Med Trooper minus the name and color scheme.
    • There also exists a SpecOps variant found at the Midnight's Cairn, where they protect the weapons research project "Valhalla". Much like their dark counterparts, the only difference lies in their name and color scheme.
  • In Mayhem Mode and True Vault Hunter Mode, they are renamed Triage Commando.