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Meat Popsicle is a type of Mutant Midget Psycho who hides in refrigerators, jumping out when the fridge is opened. They are encountered in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. One can be found in a hidden room at the bottom of T-Bone Junction, another hides in Midgetville, and the third can be found in Lockdown Palace in a small side room after the inner Vending machines shortly before reaching Mr. Shank.



To reach the T-Bone Junction hidden room, head to the catwalks under the structure and follow them to the room at the far end. The panel to unlock the door is on the other side of the room, next to the red chest and three cash lockers.

Once inside the room, opening the refrigerator will cause the Meat Popsicle to spring out and attack. He will charge into melee range and attack by bashing with his drumstick. He can be lured outside and left on the last catwalk section, while attackers leap to safety across the broken gap, although this also carries the risk of characters plummeting to the dunes below. Characters well below him in levels can eventually kill him with elemental effects although his movements sometimes cause him to fall through the gap in the catwalk himself.

If he is lured out of the room, then he will only initiate one attack before becoming almost completely inert (will occasionally swing if attackers stay close) allowing for easy kills via continuous head shots.


  • The Meat Popsicle in T-Bone Junction is always at least level 61 even in Playthrough 1. Once the player reaches or passes level 61, his level will scale to match the player's. As players are likely to encounter him before reaching level 61, this Meat Popsicle is a nasty and deadly surprise for them at the start of the DLC. Furthermore, the close confines of his room makes it easy for him to get into melee range of players. The best solution is to get outside the room as quickly as possible.
  • On the other hand, because he stops chasing the player outside the room and begins to stand still after a certain point, it is possible for lower level players to kill him from a safe distance. This gives them an opportunity to gain much XP from killing a much higher level enemy although at the expense of much ammo.
  • He can sometimes get stuck in the corner where the rail and wall meet and stay there. He may also fall onto the lakebed, and the player will need to snipe him or glitch down there for their kill.
  • Meat Popsicle is one of the Loot Midgets that must be killed to unlock the achievement/trophy Sneaky Little Buggers.


  • The room of T-Bone Junction's Meat Popsicle contains a shrine to Lilith. As the room is locked and the Meat Popsicle is likely the only inhabitant of the home, it stands to reason that he made the shrine.
  • The name is most likely a reference to a line from the 1997 movie The Fifth Element. When the main character, Korben Dallas, is asked if he is classified as human he states "Negative. I am a meat popsicle." [1]