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Mayor is an NPC in Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC for Borderlands 3.


The Mayor (True name unknown) is a suit tailor and used to run a fashion shop in the Market District creating garments even for Handsome Jack himself. When the upper levels were consumed with violence and chaos following the death of Handsome Jack, he led many others on a mass exodus to The Compactor. An area of the Handsome Jackpot where trash and waste is dropped, deep below the Casino City. Their they built a small but comfortable scrap made city where they live simple and humble lives. Shortly after, the people named him the Mayor of Trashlantis and the Chairman of the City Council.

The Mayor has a deep distain for materialism, believing those who value wealth and things over human comradery are doomed to lives of misery and eventual death. He claims he used to be just like the folk above in the casino, but over the years his lifestyle took a toll on his heart and he decided to change. For the betterment of himself and the people around him.

While living in Trashlantis, his new ideals has made him a fair and wise leader. Mayor is still partial to looking as well as he can. Donning a self made suit and having an exquisite head of hair and beard. He is a handsome and charismatic fellow. Speaking in patterns of that of a preacher. Though he holds himself higher than no one in Trashlantis.


Once the Vault Hunters secured the future of Trashlantis, the Mayor joined up their team in order to help them out bringing Pretty Boy down and ultimately seizing control of The Handsome Jackpot. Following the events of The Plan and Jack's Wild story missions, Mayor is nowhere to be seen.

Mayor is also a patron of the Mayor's Killer Look series of crew challenges.



"Welcome to Trashlantis! Here we take refuge in the refuse! Yes, we live a simple life among the discarded remnants of a world built on greed! Do you smell that? *Breathes in* That's the smell of human comradery! Now, what brings you to our little scrap of utopia?"


The Mayor seemingly disappears from the game following the Final main mission of the DLC. The ending cutscene however shows him back with his people in Trashlantis celebrating. This seems to be an oversight on Gearbox's part, and is a real shame He is gone.