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Maylay Shield (also known as Roid Shield) is a common shield type. Shields of this type manufactured by bandits in Borderlands 2, and by scavs in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Usage & Description[]

Effectively the opposite of an Amplify Shield, a Maylay Shield has no special effects as long as it is charged, but as long as it is depleted it will grant the user a set amount of bonus roid damage to all of their melee attacks. To utilize this, the user must keep taking damage to reset recharge delay, as well as using other means to regenerate health lost from the damage.

As the rarity increases, roid damage and shield recharge delay increase, allowing the user to utilize the roid bonus more effectively.

While this shield may also come with a bonus perk of immunity to a given element if it spawns with a Maliwan capacitor or a Torgue capacitor for a reduction of explosive damage, this has barely any relevance as maylay shields are more commonly used for their roid bonus.

Notable Variants[]

Borderlands 2[]

  • Love Thumper - Unique shield with extremely long recharge delay and adds an explosive nova to melee attacks.
  • Order - Unique shield with special effects when paired with the Law.
  • Hide of Terramorphous - Legendary shield with the properties of maylay, spike and nova shield types.
  • Pun-chee - Seraph shield with increased stats.
  • Retainer - Effervescent shield manufactured by Hyperion that boosts movement speed and jump height when wielding the Toothpick and in Writhing Deep and restores health on melee hits.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel[]

  • Avalanche - Legendary shield manufactured by Maliwan that combines Maylay, Nova (cryo), and Spike (cryo) shield types.
  • Bigg Thumppr - Legendary shield that deals damage to its wearer if the wearer inflicted melee damage when the shield was depleted.
  • The Shooting Star - Legendary shield that can inflict additional explosive damage.


  • Roid Damage also boosts the damage of Maya's Phaselock and Krieg's Buzz Axe Rampage.
  • The Maylay Shield is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.


  • "Maylay Shield" is a misspelling of "Melee Shield".