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Maulers are an enemy type in Borderlands 3. They are muscular COV troops, dressed in a leather jacket and jeans, that wield a large cleaver and a portion of a car door as a shield.



Maulers are a tough melee focused enemy that walk towards their target at a moderate pace, slightly slower than the pace that a Vault Hunter walks at with a heavy weapon out. Compared to other melee enemies, Maulers deal a substantial amount of damage. Their standard attacks consist of either slashing with their cleaver or kicking their target. If their attack connects, it will incur knockback, launching their target a short distance away. In cramped locations, a Mauler can knock their target into a corner, making it very difficult to avoid follow-up hits. They may also charge at their target with their shield held high above their heads, slightly slower than a Vault Hunter's sprinting speed.

Unlike Psychos, they can be very easily outrun by simply walking backwards. Engaging Maulers is a relatively simple affair: before they get close, pick them off. The car door that the Maulers wield will protect their torso from wayward bullets, but it doesn't protect their limbs, upper body, or head, making it easy for weapons such as sniper rifles and assault rifles to quickly cut through their health. However, for inaccurate weapons such as shotguns, the shield is likely to deflect the large majority of the pellets unless they are within a few meters of the character.

Much like Enforcers, they have a chance to throw their shield at the Vault Hunter, dealing a similar amount of damage to the aforementioned enemy's shield throw. It is thrown at the exact same velocity as the Enforcer's shield, making it easy to dodge for Vault Hunters that are paying attention.



  • Suck it for ya!
  • Open up!
  • Here I come!
  • Ay, Catch!
  • Asshole delivery!
  • Incoming, Vault thief!
  • Suck all dicks!
  • Fucking!


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