Mauler is the Title of the most powerful type of Support Machine Gun. It sports more Damage per bullet than the Massacre or Havoc variants.

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Usage & Description

Maulers are exceptionally good weapons to bring into tight quarters where cover is abundant for the enemy, like in Old Haven. Maulers don't necessarily suffer from bad Accuracy or low Fire Rate; however, it is difficult to find incredibly good Maulers, as exceptional Support Machine Guns tend to qualify for the higher priority Havoc/Massacre Title.

Torgue can manufacture exceptional Maulers; the increased Damage allows them to easily qualify for the Mauler title, and their fire rate and accuracy allow them to flirt with the Havoc/Massacre titles without actually qualifying for them, allowing them to break the 500 damage mark.


  • Mauler being a title given to Support Machine Guns with exceptional damage, they never spawn on elemental Machine Guns.
  • The Mauler has a unique firing sound that sounds like the Scorpio turret if another character or an enemy is firing it. This also applies to Stompers.


Mauler is a title (Title_Damage1_Mauler), bestowed upon Support Machine Guns with exceptional Damage. The Mauler Title further increases the Machine Gun's Damage by 15%.

Damage: +15%
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