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The Matriarch is a unique non-respawning Prime Detonator Krich encountered during The Party Out of Space mission in the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC in Borderlands 3.


The Matriarch is the leader of the group of Krich taking residence in the "Bio-thermal Power Station" and enjoys chewing on wires.



The Matriarch shares the same appearance and abilities as other Prime Detonator Kriches, including having an armor and health bar.

  • The Matriarch has the following attacks:
    • Spawning - spawns 1-4 Detonator Krich and has a total of 21 eggs.
    • Ice blast - long-range ice blast.
    • Smack - close-range melee with eye feathers.
    • Claws smash - close-range melee attack with claws.

Once the Matriarch spawns 21 Detonator Krich, it will become much more aggressive with her attacks.


  • The Matriarch's critical hit spots are its eyes and unpopped eggs.